About R. C. Barajas

Russell Creger Barajas was born in Stanford, California, the youngest of 4. She attended UC Berkeley for two years before realizing she was in the wrong place. She didn’t know what the right place was, but knew it was not there. She traveled across the country by train, and wondered if there was a right place. 

Upon returning to the Bay Area, she transferred to College of Marin, a community college with a stellar art program and teachers who knew what teaching was all about. She reluctantly transferred to San Francisco State University, where it was rumored a degree could be had, and received her BA in sculpture in ‘83. 

For the next 10 years, she worked as a goldsmith, apprenticing to a worshipful Englishman named Gwilym Tudor Owen. There she honed her technical skills and gain a wide variety of abilities, including how to brew a proper cup of tea. 

Eventually, however, the small scale and precious nature of the materials began to feel limiting, and in her desire to push back against the small and dainty, she returned to sculpture, working in bronze, and eventually in paper, found objects, and recycled paper pulp. She has also fallen back in love with photography, and does way too much of it.

While living with her husband in Colombia in the early '90s, she began writing non-fiction — and the occasional non-non-fiction — and discovered the addictive and torturous delights therein. She has since published several pieces in the Washington Post Magazine on a variety of topics, and has not published an even larger number of pieces, on an even wider variety of topics. She continues her writing, doing profiles, book and recording reviews, and various other writings that she enjoys beyond what might be considered decent.

Russell currently lives in Arlington, Virginia, where she continues her writing and artwork, living quite happily with her husband Adolfo, her three sons, and three loopy dogs.